Tweedie Brown

Tweedie Brown has been involved in various aspects of business since he left the Army in 2004 as a Brigadier. He saw service mainly in Europe at the height of the Cold War and was DCOS British Sector Berlin during the fall of the Wall. Towards the end of his military career his appointments included CEO of Defence Postal and Courier Services, Commander of the Defence Logistics Training Group and Chief of Staff to the Adjutant General. He was a Director at the Army Benevolent Fund for a year and he has been an advisor to Ministers on Executive Agencies and quality initiatives in Government, being named as National Key Crusader for “Investors in People” in 2003. He was awarded the OBE in 1993 and the CBE in 2003.

Currently he has a portfolio of interests. He is Chairman of the Guild of Letting and Management, Joint Chairman of Caridon Property Services (bringing high quality housing to the social sector), Senior VP of Forward Trace (a wide-area Critical Infrastructure Surveillance System), Chairman of Horseradish Media (an image licensing business), Chairman of IHelp (a business making defibrillators available on the high street), Chairman of Artemis Partners (an outplacement service for ex-members of HM Forces), President of The League of Angels (a specialist investment community), Board Member and Joint Founder of Cryostim (a medical instrument manufacturer specializing in freeze treatments) and a Board Member of Anello & Davide Handmade Shoes. He is also Chairman of Trustees of the Homes for Heroes Charitable. He has business interests in several other fields principally Local Government, Housing, Information Technology, Carbon Certification, Energy and executive coaching and mentoring.

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